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Coils: We got the knack!

We know the high demands that the often 16-hour kitchen routine places on our customers and understand why you want what you want. And we are convinced that you deserve it. That's why MENU SYTEM manufactures every single coil of the wide and versatile range of coils from scratch at its headquarters in St.Gallen (CH).

Strong duo

The coil and the induction generator are the two central elements of any induction cooker. What is the motor in a car is the generator in induction appliances. The coil is the counterpart to the gearbox, chassis and tyres: the aim is to bring the energy as efficiently as possible - not onto the road, but into the pan.

How induction technology works

Induction hobs generate heat exactly where it is needed - directly in the pan. An electromagnetic field generates the heat directly in the bottom of the pan.
at top speed. If there is no pan on the switched-on hob, there is no energy consumption and no heat radiation.