Swiss quality

The cooking suite is and always will be at the heart of all professional kitchens. That’s why we customise them specifically to the needs of every individual customer and construct them in Switzerland using state-of-the-art technical infrastructure. Enthusiastic customers confirm the massive benefits to be had from a perfectly budgeted cooking suite solution, designed and directly supplied by a specialist. That’s also why the trend has also caught on to commission MENU SYSTEM, the cooking suite expert, with the construction of the central working equipment, the cooking suite, to obtain a perfect solution that precisely meets the company’s needs for many years to come. Our customers delight in working on the cooking suite and are therefore more productive, more creative and more successful than the average.

MENU SYSTEM, “Made in Switzerland“ is synonymous with:

Superior quality
Advanced technology

Our core competence and experience – for the benefit of our customers!

Swiss design know-how and expertise