The benefits of Menu System

MENU SYSTEM is the undisputed market leader in customised induction cooking suites.

Our products represent the state of the art

We only construct cooking suites.

We concentrate on induction technology

We design and produce each cooking suite individually to suit the requirements of our customers


You won’t find anything like the induction technology developed and patented by MENU SYSTEM anywhere else in the world.

Enthusiastic reactions of users substantiate our belief: Menu System’s new technology represents a quantum leap in quality and functionality. Now you have complete control over the cooking process at all times. It’s intuitive cooking with no distractions and no compromises – it’s the freedom to simply cook.

Moving the pan lets you control the supply of energy and, therefore, the cooking power. This is evaluated electronically at every stage. Every pan can be controlled independently, and when it comes to the effective power consumption, you’re constantly kept in the loop thanks to a digital information display.

No matter whether you want to lightly simmer or get a rolling boil going; whether you’re flash frying or simply keeping food warm at a reduced heat – just a single movement is enough to get exactly the result you want. In a further unprecedented innovation, induction technology also detects the pan. Our systems adjust themselves completely of their own accord to perfectly suit the type of pan being used. Efficiency is maximised, the cooking process is ultra energy-saving – the fifth generation of the technology.


Menu System - customised induction cooking suites